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New Members
Feb 7, 09 5:13 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Feb 3, 09 6:58 AM
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Dragon's Claw is the Dread that sweeps the land far and wide!!!!

Welcome to the Dragon's Claw webpage.  This is where you will see all of the latest updates and information.  As a member of the Dragon's Claw guild you can use this page to keep up with your fellow  guild members and you can post updates and events of your own. 

       Guild Rules

This Guild is for having fun and it is also a great way to keep in touch with your fellow
guild members.  The only thing we ask of you is:

1.) Treat all other guild members with the same respect you want to receive.

2.) If you have a problem or issue with another guild member bring it to the attention of
     your guild leader via in game tell or in game mail.  I will try to bring all concerned
     parties together to resolve the issue in a civil manner.
     a.) The guild leader is : Surelas.  Surelas Alts are: Navaero, Salemas, Renardo, Greysin, Sinakal, Navarro, Sureblaze, Benhur, Jison, Rankard, Ranciid, and Spiritsong. 

3.) All members with multiple characters, try logging in at least twice a month so that we know that your characters are active.

     a.) All characters going inactive 4 months or more will be purged from the guild.  I will post purge dates on this site.  Please log in.

4.) We are not saying to stop whatever you are doing but, try helping your fellow guild members out once and a while.  A guild that plays together stays together.

5.) No racist remarks!!!  Act your age and not your shoe size.

6.) Guild membership is open to all who want to join.  Feel free to invite anyone you enjoy questing with.

7.) All members will be promoted to officer; so feel free to grow your guild.

8.) If you need help with a quest ask your guild mates. 
     a.) All I ask is that you respect an answer of no if they are already busy doing something they need to grow thier own characters.  I will never ask a person to leave his/her party just to come and help me.

9.) If there is an event or activity you would like to see hosted or host in the guild's name post it hear so others can learn of the details.

10.) Just have fun.

New Members

Redvelvet215, Feb 7, 09 5:13 AM.
I want to take time and say welcome to the new members of Dragon's Claw.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Redvelvet215, Feb 3, 09 6:58 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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